Learn How To Make An Old Fashioned Chicken And Dumplings Recipe

Do you long for the flavor and aroma of a good home cooked meal and your grandmother comes to mind? Maybe you miss all the great tastes of the various types of dishes she would prepare and serve to her family and friends. Whether you miss eating at good wholesome foods with your grandparents and parents or you just want to serve your family something piping hot and delicious, you might want to learn how to make an old fashioned chicken and dumplings recipe from scratch.

You can create a down home relaxing environment by serving such an old fashioned comfort food as chicken and dumplings. If you have never served them before or you are sick and tired of eating out of cans and boxes, this is the recipe you want to try first. It really is not that hard to make. After making it for your family, you may find that it becomes one of your family favorite recipes. This is just a basic recipe and you can adapt it to suit your needs.

Recipe for Old Fashioned Chicken and Dumplings

What You Need

6 boneless chicken breasts with skin
10 cups water
1 teaspoon poultry seasoning
1 teaspoon sage
1/8 teaspoon ground basil
Salt and pepper to taste
5 cups flour
¼ teaspoon salt
½ cup vegetable shortening
1 beaten egg
Cold water

How to Make It

Using a large 3 or 4 quart saucepan over a low heat you will add the chicken and cook until done. After cooking the chicken remove from pot to cool while reserving the chicken broth until needed.

Allow the chicken to become cool to the touch and then remove the skin from the meat. Cut the meat into bite-size pieces and then set aside until needed.

While you are cooking the chicken you can make the old fashion dumplings from scratch. Using a large, clean, dry mixing bowl, you will add the flour and salt. Mix to thoroughly combine. Using a pastry cutter or two knifes you will work the vegetable shortening into the dry flour until it has a crumbly texture.

Add the beaten egg to the dough mixture and mix until well blended. Add ½ cup of water at a time slowly into the mixture and work with the mixture to form a dough ball.

Sprinkle some flour on a clean dry surface and then roll the dough out to about a 1/8 inch thickness. Using a knife or a pizza cutter you will cut the dough into small squares of about ¾ to 1 inch in size to create the dumplings.

Place the dumpling squares into the boiling chicken broth and then cook for about 30 to 35 minutes or until they are done.

Add the boneless chicken cubes to the chicken broth and then cook for another 15 to 20 minutes or until the broth forms the texture of gravy. After the old fashioned chicken and dumplings reach a gravy texture, the dish is ready to serve to guests, family, and friends.